These are the Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter

I always been suspicious of social media for brands. But here a great article on guys who seem to have done it well.

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Check this out guys great email marketing advice.

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Good read guys check it out.

SO! What? SOcial.

Content Rules Book CoverFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Blogs and other platforms give organizations and customers a “voice.” Want to learn how to create blog posts, content marketing, stories, and videos that ignite business success by cultivating fans around your service or product online? This book Content Rules helps you develop the content that people care about to achieve your online success. If you want to build a loyal customer base and establish credibility to your product, brand or service you need to read this book!
  •     Social media used properly is a great tool to get your ideas and content distributed to a wide audience.
  •     Do you want to create content that  is easy to share? You first need to find  your authentic “voice”
  •     What is your content strategy? You need to first understand why you are generating content in a easily understandable and practical…

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Seems like a straight forward answer but still worth a read.

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Infographic explaining why you should invest in social media marketing.

SO! What? SOcial.

With Facebook having over a billion  users, Twitter with 500 million, followed by LinkedIn with 150 million on and last but not least Pinterest the fastest growing social media network with 11 million users, online marketing is key to target these users.

Want to connect with customers? Use social media marketing to build your customer base and and share your information with them using social media as an interactive forum. Social media networking has become a preferred medium by online marketers.

Social media data:

  •  On Facebook alone 5.3 Billion pieces of contest is shared every week.
  • In 2011, there were 3X more users on social media sites than email.
  • 53% of active social media site users follow brands.

This infographic was created by Socialkia on ‘Why Invest In Social Media Marketing’ with some interesting statistics below.

Why invest in social media (infographic)

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Awesome post here guys on improving your open rate.



I love this meme. I can still hear the AOL sound clip in my mind saying “You’ve Got Mail!” Back then, email was such a phenomenon (especially through AOL), that a film plot with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan was built around the concept. Not long after, email became so common and inundated with spam that most users end up ignoring most messages that come in.

Today, the average open rate for an email is 10%. The average click through rate for music is 2.5% (of the emails that are actually opened).  With social media becoming the “new email,” it is likely that rates for Facebook event invites are close, if not lower.

People seem to find a new trend in communication and then proceed to saturate it with the same poor tactics that gave them low responses to begin with. Here’s the secret: changing the medium won’t improve conversions, clicks…

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